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Is it possible to automatically enable/disable a macro on a schedule?

For example, disable a certain macro after 4:30pm each day.

Most likely you would need to create another scheduled macro to do this. You would create a macro to play at 4:30pm each day. This macro would use the Macro Disable command to disable the other macro. Or you could build this functionality into your original scheduled macro. You macro would need to include saving the current time into a variable. Then use the If Variable command to check if the current time is after 4:30pm. If it is, then disable the macro. If not, the macro plays back as normal.

With the macro disabled you will want to create a scheduled macro to activate your macro the next day, unless you plan on doing this manually each day. One option would be to create a macro to play back at the startup of Macro Express. This macro would use the Macro Enable command.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro