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Macro Express Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action Macro Express Macro Express Pro
Win + `Pause Macro



Scroll Lock + PauseAbort Macro



Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U Suspend / Resume Macro Express



Ctrl + Alt + Shift + VTerminate Macro Express



Ctrl + Alt + Shift + WRun Macro Express Editor



Ctrl + Alt + Shift + XStart / Stop Capture



Ctrl + Alt + Shift + YResume Pause



Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ZMenu of Macros for Topmost Window



Ctrl + Alt + Shift + TCapture a Temporary Macro


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + SPlay the Captured Temporary Macro


Macro Explorer
F1Context sensitive Help

Ctrl + FFind

F3Find Again

DeleteDelete highlighted macros

Ctrl + PPrint list of macros

Alt + EEdit highlighted macro, when not in the Macro Recycle Bin

Alt + EReturn to Macro Explorer from the Macro Recycle Bin

Alt + NNew Macro

Alt + PCapture

Alt + QQuick Wizards

Alt + BMacro Recycle Bin

Script Editor
F1Context Sensitive Help

Alt + Down ArrowMove to the Command Search box

Alt + Left ArrowMove to the All Commands pane

Alt + Right ArrowMove to the macro Edit box

Ctrl + GGo to Line

Ctrl + HomeGo to the First line

Ctrl + EndGo to the Last line

Alt + NGo to Macro Nickname

Page UpMove up one page

Page DownMove down one page

Ctrl + FFind

F3Find again

Ctrl + RFind and Replace

Ctrl + ASelect All

Ctrl + XCut to clipboard

Ctrl + CCopy to clipboard

Ctrl + VPaste from clipboard

Ctrl + ZUndo

Shift + Down ArrowSelect multiple lines

Shift + Up ArrowSelect multiple lines

Ctrl + Down ArrowMove selected lines down

Ctrl + Up ArrowMove selected lines up

DeleteDelete selected lines

Ctrl + DDuplicate Command

Ctrl + Alt + CComment

Ctrl + NEnable / Disable command

Ctrl + SSave

Ctrl + LSave and Close

Ctrl + PPrint Script

Ctrl + F4Close Current Tab

F5Display Variable Window

F7Step one command, step into Macro Run commands

F8Step one command, step over Macro Run commands

F9Test Run Macro

Ctrl + BToggle breakpoint

Menu Builder
F1Context sensitive Help

Ctrl + NGo to Menu Nickname

Ctrl + SSave Menu macro

Ctrl + LSave and Close

Close Current TabCtrl + F4

* This hotkey can be changed.

Access Context Sensitive Help by pressing F1 or by clicking the Help button.

While accelerator keys or shortcuts are usually documented using uppercase letters (<Alt> + F + O), when using shortcuts in macros, you should use lowercase letters (<Alt>fo). When a macro types uppercase letters it actually sends something like this: <Alt><Shift Down>fo<Shift Up>. The extra <Shift Down> and <Shift Up> can cause many programs to not correctly recognize the shortcut key sequence. 

-Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro