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Macros are not playing back

Here are some things to try:

  1. The simplest and sometimes overlooked by new users is that the Macro Express Player needs to be running for the macros to work.

  2. If you are using the shortkey activation, click on Options > Preferences > Shortkeys. Make sure that you have the Prefix or Suffix Key option set to the way you expect the program to work. 

  3. If you have not rebooted since installing, reboot the computer.

  4. Open Macro Express and click on Tools > Restore Keyboard Hooks. Try a macro.

  5. Check your security software to make sure it allows Macro Express to function properly.

  6. Close Macro Express by clicking File > Terminate Macro Express Editor & Player. Locate the shortcut to start the program and right click on it. Select Run as Administrator and follow any UAC prompts to finish loading the program. See if running in Admin mode helps.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro