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My CPU maxes out while running a macro.

Replace the Delay commands inside your macro with either Wait Time Delay or Wait Time Elapse commands.

The Delay command causes the program to loop until the amount of time specified has elapsed. If you have very many Delay commands in your macro, this can use a lot of the CPU cycles. Depending on the options you select, when you capture a macro, a Delay command is inserted between every other macro command. These macros can be very CPU intensive.

The Wait Time Delay and Wait Time Elapse commands tell Windows to put Macro Express asleep for the specified amount of time. This uses almost no CPU time.

Note that you can abort a macro by pressing Scroll Lock+Pause or by right-clicking the “running man” icon in the system tray when the macro is running a Delay command but you cannot abort a macro in the middle of the Wait Time Delay or Wait Time Elapse commands.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro