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My macro is not invoking menu commands

Some programs appear to interpret ALT keystroke sequences as something other than menu commands. This exhibits itself when certain menu commands work from Macro Express and others do not. To work around this problem, a double ALT (<ALT><ALT>) should be used. Two ALTs in a row is the equivalent of pressing the ALT Key and releasing it. Doing so activates the menu and the next letter will activate the appropriate menu option. For example, to open the File menu (used on most programs), you would enter “<ALT><ALT>f” in your macro.

Another approach would be to use the Alt Key Down and Alt Key Up commands. For example to play back an Alt f to open the File menu, you would enter <ALTD>f<ALTU>. This holds the Alt Key down while the f is pressed. Then the Alt key is released. With some applications you may have to experiment with a single ALT, a double ALT, or the Alt Key Up or Down commands to find the right option.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro