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Pop up menu corrupted after emptying the Recycle Bin.

Many many times when I empty the recycle bin, most, if not all, of my pop up menus become corrupted. They end up with macros in them that I did not put in them and the ones that I did put in them are not there.

Your macro file has been corrupted and Macro Express cannot repair it.

To prevent this problem in the future download the latest version of Macro Express 3 and install it.

Do the following to create a new macro file and salvage your macros:

    1. Export your macros to a new macro file. Do not include macros in the recycle bin or any popup or floating menu macros.
    2. Delete (or rename) your old macro file.
    3. If desired, rename the new macro file to the old name.
    4. Recreate your popup and floating menus.

– Applies to: Macro Express 3