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Startup macros do not work when Macro Express is loaded at Windows startup.

When Macro Express Pro starts it establishes some interfaces with Windows. Sometimes Windows loads Macro Express Pro before it is ready to accept these interfaces. The ‘Wait for’ option causes Macro Express Pro to wait for the specified amount of time before loading. This often corrects problems that occur the when Windows and Macro Express Pro start up.

Open the Macro Express Pro Explorer window. Click on Options | Preferences | Startup. Make sure ‘Run when Windows starts up’ is selected. Select the ‘Wait for [ ] seconds before initializing the program’ option and enter a value in the field. You might want to try a high value, like 60 or 120 seconds, at first. If that fixes the problem then you can reduce the amount of time later to determine what is optimal for your computer.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro