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The ISS Bug Reporter opened the wrong email client

The ISS Bug Reporter opened Outlook Express instead of the email client I use. The ‘Report method’ is set to ‘Email the report using your email client’.

When the ‘Email the report using your email client’ option is selected the ISS Bug Reporter sends a message to Windows saying ‘send this message using the default email client’. This option requires a MAPI compliant email client. If the wrong email client is coming up then either your default email client does not support MAPI or the wrong email client is defined as the default in Windows. We are not able to diagnose and fix this problem on your computer. You may want to do some research via Google or visit Microsoft’s support websites.

Knowing that there would be some situations where a user has trouble sending the report we designed the ISS Bug Reporter with 4 different reporting methods.

Email the report using your email client

This option creates a new message using your email client and puts the report in the body of the email. You can then send the message by clicking on the send button within your email client. This option requires an MAPI compliant email client. (Most current email client programs are MAPI compliant).

Email the report using an SMTP server

This option sends the report to your Outgoing Email or SMTP server. To use this option, you will need to enter information about the SMTP server you use. You will need to obtain this information from your Internet Email provider or you may obtain it from the configuration section of your Email program.

Report using the Report a Bug web page

This option copies the report to the clipboard and brings up our bug report web page in your browser. You will need to paste the report information into the appropriate field on the web page.

Save the report to a file

This option allows you to save the report in a file on your hard drive. You can then send the report to us as an email attachment.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro