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Upgrading from Macro Express 3 to Macro Express Pro

    1. Macro Express Pro should not be installed in the same folder as previous versions of Macro Express. By default, Macro Express Pro is installed in a new folder.

    2. Macro Express Pro will read macro files created by previous versions of Macro Express. However, when a macro file is opened by Macro Express Pro, the file will be converted to the new Macro Express Pro format. Once converted, the previous version of Macro Express will no longer be able to open and read the file.

      We recommend that you back up your macro file(s) before opening them in Macro Express Pro.

    3. Preference settings are not converted during the upgrade process.
      When Macro Express Pro first starts up you will be prompted to enter key preferences such as the shortkey settings. If you do not enter the correct settings then macros, and specifically shortkey macros, may not work the way you expect.

    4. Many macro script commands have been renamed in Macro Express Pro. For the experienced Macro Express user these changes will be easily understood. For example, the ‘Remark’ command is named ‘Comment’ in Macro Express Pro.

– Applies to: Macro Express Pro