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What folders does Macro Express Pro use?

It is a bad idea to store your macro files and working files in any folder under C:\Program Files\ (or the equivalent for your language). Windows goes to great lengths to protect files in these folders. This is for protection of critical files on your computer.

Microsoft has documentation that describes where application files should be stored. Macro Express saves files in those folders. Some folders, such as ‘My Documents\Insight Software\Macro Express, are created in one part of the program so the folders will be available when needed in another part of the program.

For backup purposes you should be aware of files in these folders:

    • Folders where your macro files are stored

    • The folders set in the preferences under Options, Preferences, File System

    • <My Documents>\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express

    • <Shared Documents>\Insight Software\Macro Express

    • <Application Data>\Insight Software Solutions

The actual paths are defined by Windows (or your preference settings) and vary from computer to computer.

– Applies to: Macro Express Pro