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What is the mxuishell.mxe file?

This file is not created by Macro Express. Even though it has a file extension of .mxe, it is not a playable macro. Because files with a .mxe file extension are associated with Macro Express, the icon for this file is a Macro Express icon.

Mxuishell.mxe appears to contain an error report caused when a program crashes. To find out which program crashed, open the file in WordPad (it may be too large for notepad) and look for “Faulting module is …” You may find it says something like this:

C0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION), Address 01C72035 (01:00001035), Faulting module is C:\Program Files\Ontrack\Fix-It\RTFCtrl.dll

If you are using Macro Express v 3.0d or earlier, double clicking on mxuishell.mxe will cause Macro Express to crash. If you are using Macro Express v 3.0e or later, double clicking on this file will display a warning message.

You may be able to delete this file without problems. To be safe, you may want to move it to a different folder and see if there are any problems. If you do not have any problems for a few days, then delete it.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro