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Writing Portable Macros – Preferences Location

Macro Express stores its preferences in either the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE OR HKEY_CURRENT_USER areas of the registry. Currently the access rights for the user that is logged in and the ‘All users use the same setting’ option in the preferences determine where the preferences are stored. In the future there will be options to store the preferences somewhere else like on a USB drive or in .ini files that are part of roaming profiles.

Many cool macros either read or make changes to the Macro Express preferences. To make your macro portable between computers, different users, and for different versions of Macro Express, you should use the Set Variable to “Preferences Registry Key” command found in the Variable Set From Misc dialog when accessing the preferences from a macro. This will allow your macro to run more smoothly now and in the future.

– Applies to: Macro Express 3 and Macro Express Pro