What Does Macro Express Do?

Macro Express® is the premier Windows macro utility. With Macro Express, you can record, edit and play back mouse and keyboard macros. Its powerful tools and robust features will make you more productive.

Creating a Macro

  1. Enter the keystrokes and other functions in the easy to use Editor.
  2. Capture the keystrokes on the fly as you are typing, for later playback.
  3. Use the Quick Wizard option to guide you through the creation of a macro.

Running a Macro

  1. Press a hotkey – 846 combinations available
  2. Type a short text string
  3. Run the macro on a schedule
  4. Runs when a specific window gains focus
  5. Activate a macro with the mouse
  6. Create menus of macros to choose from
  7. Plus many other options

Here are a few things that Macro Express can do for you

Less Typing

  • Press a key to insert name, address, boilerplate text and more.
  • Quickly insert symbols or international characters.
  • Easily date and time stamp documents.

Internet Helper

  • Open your favorite web sites with a macro.
  • Press a hotkey to perform a web search.
  • Automatically fill in forms.

Improve Customer Support

  • Write answers to frequently asked questions and save them as macros. Instead of retyping responses to each repetitive email question, just press a hotkey.
  • Create boilerplate text for price quotes, job orders, special instructions, etc.

Application Automation

  • Automate tedious menu sequences in applications.
  • Create hotkeys to perform repetitive tasks in programs.
  • Automate tasks between two applications. 
  • Launch programs.
  • Schedule programs to run unattended.

Quick System Access

  • Shut down the computer, reboot, lock workstation and more.
  • Minimize, maximize or cascade windows with a key press.
  • Press a hotkey to open specific Control Panel applets or other Windows folders such as the Recycle Bin, Fonts, Printers, etc.

Other Helps

  • Create reminder messages to display on screen at specific dates and times.
  • Automatically resize windows or move to a different location.
  • And much more!

Sounds, repeats, delays, pauses, display windows and more may also be included in macros.

View the Macro Express Data Sheet for more information.
View the Macro Express Pro Data Sheet for more information.