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This forum is provided as a vehicle for developers and users to exchange information, ideas and problem solutions.

Here are a few guidelines to help ensure that we all receive the greatest benefit from this discussion forum:

  1. This is a moderated discussion forum.

  2. Advertising is welcome as part of a solution but spamming of the discussion group will not be tolerated.

  3. Profanity, obscenities, and abuse of discussion group members will not be tolerated.

  4. Help yourself by putting specifics in the message header and not “Help”, “Bug”, or other vague subject. People review headers for messages they are interested in. Adding “Urgent” to the subject line of your message doesn’t necessarily mean much to others.

  5. When replying, always include part of the message in your reply. Some of us can’t remember what happened five minutes ago, let alone yesterday.

Thank you for your interest in Macro Express and this forum.

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