Macro Express Pro 4 Portable

Note: Macro Express Pro 4 Portable requires a portable license to run.

A portable version of Macro Express Pro 4 is available for use on a USB drive or similar portable drive. Install Macro Express Pro 4 Portable on the device and run it from that device rather than the local computer.


Download the Macro Express Pro 4 Portable installer and save it to your hard drive.



  1. Copy the MacExpProPortable.exe installation file to your portable drive.
  2. Double-click on MacExpProPortable.exe to install Macro Express Pro 4 Portable on your portable drive.
  3. Choose the option to run Macro Express Pro at the end of the installation.
  4. Enter your license information into the License dialog.


If the AutoPlay menu is displayed when you insert your portable drive into your computer, click on 'Open folder to view files'. Otherwise, open Windows Explorer and click on your portable drive. Then double-click on LaunchApps and click on Macro Express Pro.


Before you remove your USB drive from the computer you should tell Windows to Eject it. Before ejecting you will need to close Macro Express Pro 4 Portable, LaunchApps and any other open programs. If closing all open programs does not release the hook you will need to log off of Windows and then remove the USB drive.


To uninstall delete the files from your portable device.


  1. Will not leave traces of the program on the hard drive of the machine where the program is run. Macro files and temporary files are stored on the portable drive.
  2. Does not support playable (.mxe) macros.
  3. You cannot double-click on a .mex file to load it into Macro Express Pro 6 Portable.

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