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Contact: Stan Jones
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Macro Express Pro Automates your Computer Tasks

May 30, 2014, Kaysville, UTInsight Software Solutions, Inc. announces the latest release of its Windows automation tool, Macro Express Pro v

Macro Express Pro is the ideal way to record or store repetitive keystroke and mouse entries. Create the macro once and press a key to play back the keystrokes and mouse entries at a much faster rate than can be done manually. In addition to saving time, Macro Express Pro reduces or eliminates errors caused by boredom, fatigue or carelessness.

One customer had the following to say about Macro Express. “I’ve used it to automate some of the most stupefyingly boring repetitive tasks. Fun to use. Great stuff.”

Quickly transfer data from one application to another. Speed up big data conversion projects. For example, when thousands of records or more need to be converted, Macro Express will do the work of several people and do it more accurately. Quicker and cheaper.

Easily insert chunks of boilerplate text into documents. Load programs, files or web pages with a key press. In fact Macro Express Pro lends itself to any industry or business that performs repetitive computer tasks.

There are several methods available for creating macros. No programming language or special skills are required.

  • Over two dozen Quick Wizards guide you through a series of questions and build the macro for you.
  • Record keystrokes and mouse movements with the easy to use Capture process.
  • Utilize the Script Editor or Direct Editor to write more powerful macros.

Macro Express Pro provides a number of options for executing (running) a macro.

  • Press a hotkey such as Ctrl + R or Alt + F11. Choose from over 840 combinations.
  • Type a shortkey – a short letter combination from 2 to 32 characters.
  • Run the macro on a schedule – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or practically any other schedule.
  • Run automatically when a window opens or closes.
  • Click on a specific area of a screen or window.
  • Plus a variety of other activation options.

Macro Express Pro automates boring, repetitive computer tasks. Do it quicker, more reliably and with less stress. The software pays for itself within days and frequently much sooner.


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