Shared Macro Guidelines

We encourage all Macro Express users to contribute macros that solve real-world problems. By sharing your macro, you will help others make better use of Macro Express.

Macro Submission Guidelines

We are looking for macros that are unique and of interest to the majority of Macro Express users. Simple macros that do obvious things may not qualify. Also, if your macro requires fungame.exe, we may not publish it.

Submit your macro at any time as an email attachment to The macro can be in either .mex or .mxe (playable macro) format. If the macro file is very large or if your sample contains more than one file please zip it.

Please provide a brief description of your macro including What it does, how To use it, How it works, any Limitations or Requirements, and the information you want published in the Submitted By paragraph. See the description of the Display CPU Information macro for an example.

We reserve the right to post or not post a User Contributed Macro. Changes may be made to this policy without notice.