User Submitted Macro

Activate or Launch Blank (New) Notepad

Written by David Taylor

What it does

Launches Windows Notepad to generate – or switch to – a new (“untitled”) document window.

To install

Download the macro file and save it to your hard drive where you store your macro file(s). If desired, import the macro into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Import Macros.

Activate or Launch Blank (New) Notepad – (Macro Express 3 or 5)umactivatenewnotepadME3.mex
Activate or Launch Blank (New) Notepad – (Macro Express Pro 4 or 6)umactivatenewnotepad.mex

To use

If you imported it into your macro file, then you can run it from within Macro Express. Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+N is pre-set for this macro, however you can alter the hotkey and pre-set window position using the macro editor.

How it works

If Notepad is already running, checks for the existence of an “Untitled – Notepad” window. If none is found, a new Notepad process is started with a blank document window. Otherwise it will activate the window with the title “Untitled – Notepad”. Once the window is launched or found, it is focused (activated), positioned to the center of the primary screen, and resized.


Macro Express or Macro Express Pro (any version).