User Submitted Macro

A Million to One

Written by Anthony Muller, IT Support, EGR Group

What it does

Sometimes we need a little fun. Ask someone to think of a number between 1 and a million. Run this macro to help you guess the number.

To install

Download the macro file umrunmacroinvariable.mex and save it to your hard drive. Open the macro file or import the macros into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Import Macros.

How to Play

This macro does not have an activation assigned. Either assign one or launch it using Run Macro Now from Macro Express Explorer.

The macro will launch Windows Wordpad during operation. It isn’t necessary for the macro to work, it just keeps a track of the game if you want to look back.

Ask someone to think of a number between 1 and 1 million. When you run the macro it will display a dialogue box. Tell them your guess (the number that follows ‘Suggest’ in the dialogue box title). When they say ‘Higher’ or ‘Lower’ click the appropriate radio button and repeat.

Two choices to the power of twenty guesses is a number greater than 1,000,000… so you will always be able to guess correctly within 20 guesses!

If Notepad is already running, checks for the existence of an “Untitled – Notepad” window. If none is found, a new Notepad process is started with a blank document window. Otherwise it will activate the window with the title “Untitled – Notepad”. Once the window is launched or found, it is focused (activated), positioned to the center of the primary screen, and resized.


– Requires Macro Express Pro