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Auto Correct

Written by John B. Williston

What it does

This macro uses the Macro Express shortkeys feature to create new “AutoCorrect” macros in Macro Express. For example, when I have to type the word ‘epistemologically’, I prefer to use a shortcut such as ‘epyy’ and let Macro Express type the much longer word.

To add a new “AutoCorrect” macro to my list of macros, I press Win+Ctrl+M, which activates the macro. The macro prompts me for the mnemonic to use (in this case ‘epyy’) and the text with which to replace it (in this case ‘epistemologically’). The macro then goes through the steps of generating an “AutoCorrect” macro, leaving the final decision to save to the user.

To install

Download either the Macro Express 3 or Macro Express Pro version of the macro file and save it to your hard drive. If desired, import the macro into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Import Macros.

Auto Correct – for Macro Express 3umautocorrect3.mex
Auto Correct – for Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro umautocorrect.mex

To use

The Win+Ctrl+M macro activates the Macro Express Editor and goes through the steps needed to create a shortkey macro.

How it works

If Notepad is already running, checks for the existence of an “Untitled – Notepad” window. If none is found, a new Notepad process is started with a blank document window. Otherwise it will activate the window with the title “Untitled – Notepad”. Once the window is launched or found, it is focused (activated), positioned to the center of the primary screen, and resized.

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John B. Williston
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