User Submitted Macro

Clip Express

Sebastian Bobach

What it does

This is a simple, but powerful extension of the Clipboard. You can copy the content with different elements from one window to another VERY quickly!

To install

Download the macro file and save it to your hard drive, unzip the contents into the folder c:\ClipExpressfolder and Import the ClipExpress1.0 macro into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Macros. The file Readme.txt contains more information.

To use

  • Alt+c copies the marked text into the extended clipboard. Up to 15 elements can be stored. A short sound will be played for audible feedback.
  • Alt+l lists all the elements stored in the extended clipboard.
  • Alt+x lets you choose, which elements you want to delete, if you made an mistake or some data is not valid any more.
  • Alt+Del deletes the whole extended clipboard.
  • Alt+v: Each time, you press this hotkey, one element will be typed out, in the exactly same order you have copied them.


These macros only copy and paste text. If you attempt to copy images or other non-text information, only the text portion of what was highlighted will be copied.

** Sebastian wins a Macro Express T-shirt for his submission.