User Submitted Macro

Define Word Revised Again

Written by Martin and Rada Shapiro, 

What it does

This macro uses Macro Express and your Internet connection to look up the definition of any highlighted word or phrase at’s on-line dictionary.

To install

Download the file umdefinewordrevisedagain.mex and save it on your hard drive. Open this macro file or import the macro into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Import Macros.

To use

Highlight a word and press Ctrl+/.

How it works

This macro opens Internet Explorer, goes to the website, pastes the word or phrase to look up, and looks up the definition.


This macro was originally submitted by Mark Bender. Later, Lance Neustaeter submitted a revised version. Now Martin and Rada Shapiro have revised it again. They said “This version always opens a new browser window for the definition so you don’t leave the url you are looking at to look up the word definition). Also, it uses … instead of Merriam Webster.”

It is interesting to see the refinements made to this macro by each submitter. Each revision provides a valuable addition. You may want to compare each version of the macro to view its evolution. Download the original version by Mark Bender from umdefineword.mex and the first revised version by Lance Neustaete from umdefinewordrevised.mex.


This macro requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. The Wait For Web Page command used by this macro does not work with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape or Opera.

** Martin and Rada Shapiro win a Macro Express T-shirt for this submission.