User Submitted Macro

Log and Ln Calculator

Written by John Greiner,

What it does

This macro is a relatively efficient way of calculating log base 10 and ln.

To install

Download umlogandlncalculator.mex the macro file and save it to your hard drive. Open the macro file or import the macros into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Import Macros.

To use

This macro file contains two macros: ‘Log Base 10 and ln Calculator’ performs the calculations. ‘Test Log Base 10 Calculator’ demonstrates how to use the Macro Run command to add Log and Ln functionality to your macro.

How it works

See the Notes tab of the ‘Log Base 10 and ln Calculator’ macro for a description of the math involved.


John said “The only thing I did not figure out how to handle completely gracefully is what happens when the number to get the log for is less than or equal to 0.0.”


– Macro Express Pro