User Submitted Macro


Written by Ian Steele

What it does

This macro will smoothly move the mouse to a new position on the screen.


I’m using Macro Express to run our test suite. One thing I noticed that I did not like was the way the mouse jumps from one point to another. This behaviour makes it difficult for an operator to see what’s happening. To this end I wrote a macro that moves the mouse pointer slowly (or fast!) from its current position to a new location. The macro is called Schmoooove – as in “smooth move” :-). Schmoooove uses a macro named ‘Square root’ that approximates the square root. It returns an integer value that is less than or equal to the actual square root.

Note from Insight Software Solutions: Some applications, notably, some versions of MS Word, require that the mouse be moved ‘smoothly’ to activate certain features. In the case of MS Word, if the mouse is not moved smoothly, the menus do not drop down. This macro is useful for these types of applications.

To install

Download the macro file umschmooove.mex and save it to your hard drive. Import the macros into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Macros.

To use

In your macro, set variable N22 and N23 to the new mouse X,Y coordinates and insert the macro command ‘Macro Run: Schmoooove (screen)’.


– Macro Express 3

** Ian wins a Macro Express T-shirt for his submission.