Sample Macros for Macro Express 3 and Pro 4

This page contains sample macros written by Insight Software Solutions. The sample macro collections contain simple demonstrations of specific commands or features. Other macros provide useful information or enhanced features while others perform a specific task. We encourage you to download these macros to use, study, and modify as desired.

Macro NameMacro Description
Sample MacrosA collection of sample macros for Macro Express Pro
Sample MacrosA collection of sample macros for Macro Express 3
Context Menu MacrosActivate macros by right-clicking
Display CPU InformationDisplays the information about your computer’s CPU(s)
Enable Disable touchpadEnable/Disable the touchpad on a notebook computer
External ScriptsDemonstrates how to use the External Script command
Insert Non-English Language CharactersInsert non-English language characters
Multiple InputsCreate a form containing multiple inputs.
Program Files FolderSample macro to get the Program Files folder into a variable …
Protect HOSTS fileScan to see if the HOSTS file has been changed or if Windows …
Remote Desktop Connection DemoMacro Express and Remote Desktop Connection
Run Macro in Variable Use Run Macro in Variable to convert a Date to a different …
Run Macro in Variable Convert a Date string to a DateTime variable
Scan for Banned ProgramsScans the processes running on your computer to see if a …
Toggle Online/OfflineToggle the Lan Connection online or offline
Tray IconExpand the System Tray so the ‘Mouse Move to Tray Icon’ …
Variable Evaluation LevelUse one variable to access another one with the Variable …